Be pampered, with a fashion inspired professional hair and makeup, gorgeous lighting, set in a beautiful boutique hotel, and a chance to celebrate who you truly are in this three-hour celebration of your beauty.


“My favorite part was being able to do outdoor and studio!  Usually, you have to choose but she completely accommodated our wide variety of requests!”
– Stacy K


“I would recommend anyone looking for the photo session that is tailored to their needs to choose to work with Luna Anne Photography! You won’t be disappointed.”
 – Tayran H



“The experiences was beautiful and fun.  Danielle is amazing at posing, I’m really self-conscious about parts of my body and when I saw the back of the camera, I couldn’t believe that was what I looked like.”
– Stephanie M

Latest Blog Posts

The boudoir fine art portrait is an expression of inner beauty

When women first approach us to do a boudoir portrait, they are often a bit hesitant or nervous - almost embarrassed. If they're married or have a partner, they usually want the picture to give as a gift to them. However as a long-time fine art photographer in the...

Give a Boudoir Portrait as a Gift!

Planning has begun in full earnest among photographers because the winter and spring tends to be an extremely busy season. Once people begin thinking about the holidays or a special day, they (wisely) start scheduling professional portrait sessions!  Many people...

Holiday Boudoir

I don't even know how to comment how much fun it is to photograph Michelle.... Sexy, funny, smart, she's more than a hustle bunny, she's a hard working mom, who I admire every possible way.   I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves... because Michelle...

Beauty of Boudoir Before your Wedding

We believe that portraiture is a artistic form of photography. It is also the art of capturing someone’s personality through photography. Fine art portraiture should draw you in because the photo captures something intriguing about the person in the photo. As a...

Can you hang boudoir photos in your home?

We work with women across King County, WA to do their elegant boudoir photos. Shyly, they often ask where they should hang their gorgeous portraits. Well, how about in your boudoir? Boudoir is a French word for dressing room and usually referred to a woman’s dressing...

All about boudoir photography

Clients often ask us about boudoir photography when they see it listed on our website as one of our services. Well, if you ask someone who’s not experienced with boudoir photography, you’re bound to get a variety of answers or a blank stare!  So, dear clients, let us...

Skagit Valley Boudoir – Majestic Inn

If you haven't had the chance to stay at the Majestic Inn and Spa, in Skagit Valley yet, might I highly encourage you to do so.   And when you do, book your boudoir photos and stay in the bridal suite because, OMG, it's a luxuriously dream!   (I'm honestly thinking of...

Why I had my Plus Size Boudoir Photos Taken

I love boudoir! For me it's not about being brave, trying to be super-sexy, or overcoming some issue.  I simply love feeling pretty.  I don't remember a time when I wouldn't search for matching bra and panties in romantic colors at Victoria Secret.  I would spend...

Seattle Boudoir

Jennifer is one of my favorite people. Not only is she kind and giving; she loves to travel, is wicked smart, and amazing to photograph. Also, she has a nintendo tattoo! I mean, come'on! How cool is that???    Here's to all the cool girls - rocking the boudoir!   Hair...

What to Wear Wednesday – Red Lace Boudoir

Time to get your valentines day on!  If you can't tell, red is in this season.   Be sure to match your look with a powerful red lipstick and slick red nails.  Let the romance begin!...


“I’ve had all three of my daughters portraits taken with Danielle, at Luna Anne and I could imagine having anyone else really capturing them authentically and beautifully.”
– Angela M


“Danielle really listened and found the perfect location for our portraits.  When I arrived I knew she heard me and found the perfect location! It was amazing.”
– Dylan S


“Danielle is wonderful and I really enjoy working with her. She knows what she is doing and does everything to make us comfortable with taking our portraits and getting exactly what we wanted.”
 – Jennifer Y


“I was pretty emotional (which is not normal for me) to see how lovely the portraits came out, and so was my husband.  Danielle captured the essence and spirit of our family in such a lovely way.”
– Paula J

The Portrait Process


From clothing styles to interior design, we plan your perfect session to craft your dream portrait.


Whether photographed at your favorite spot or traveling to a new getaway, you’ll have a blast capturing meaningful portraits.



Treat yourself to a movie and popcorn as you view your portraits and craft your art with the assistance of a design professional.


Be spoiled with a personal delivery right to your door! We’ll even hang your wall art too for instant gratification.

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