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We work with women across King County, WA to do their elegant boudoir photos. Shyly, they often ask where they should hang their gorgeous portraits. Well, how about in your boudoir?

Boudoir is a French word for dressing room and usually referred to a woman’s dressing area. Today, that area would be the equivalent of your walk-in closet, bathroom, and/or bedroom.  Our often seductive, but always tasteful and graceful boudoir portraits are perfect for any of those more personal spaces.

Clients often seem surprised when they see themselves so beautifully captured in their Luna Anne boudoir portraits. We see beauty in all women, actually, in all people. As photographers, we feel it’s something we just naturally do: find something beautiful about everyone. You simply have to look intentionally and mindfully. Our camera lens are all too happy to depict your beauty in your portraits!

Your portraits:

Our boudoir photographs seek to capture that innate beauty that radiates through your physical, feminine body. Great photography should always depict that intrinsic beauty.

We can discuss with you your vision for your boudoir portraits, your thoughts on poses, lingerie, etc. We make certain that our clients feel comfortable with everything about their photo session. In the end, the results are usually breathtaking. Why wouldn’t you want to display that?

Display of boudoir photos:

We use special software to help you decide where to best display your portrait. Normally, women prefer to display them in a more intimate and personal space as they are posing in lingerie. In a few instances, certain portraits (mind you, very few) can be displayed in a more public space in your home.

We bet that between your closet, master bathroom and master bedroom there’s at least one perfect wall to display your boudoir portraits. These spaces tend to be frequently used but often under-decorated. Luna Anne boudoir photos can add instant glamour to a space! It will be a show stopper each time you and your significant other walk past the portrait.

If you live in the King County, WA area and are considering boudoir photos, contact us to discuss them. These make terrific gifts for spouses and for yourself. They also make a great addition to any interior design.

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