Clients often ask us about boudoir photography when they see it listed on our website as one of our services. Well, if you ask someone who’s not experienced with boudoir photography, you’re bound to get a variety of answers or a blank stare!  So, dear clients, let us tell you about our boudoir photography.  Our fine art boudoir photography is created in a style reminiscent of women portrayed in the great oil paintings of past centuries. It was a time when women were honored and celebrated in paintings by the great art masters. If you live anywhere in the Snohomish, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Woodinville, Sammamish, and Union, WA areas, we would be delighted to work with you! We will create a portrait that you will be proud of –  a celebration of your femininity as well as your inner and outer beauty.

What does boudoir mean?

The word boudoir is French for a woman’s private parlor or dressing room. Obviously, dressing rooms are associated with lingerie and that has evolved into using boudoir for what can be best described as elegant lingerie portraits.

Describe boudoir photography?

After our boudoir photo sessions, our clients often tell us how at ease and relaxed they felt from the moment they arrived for their session. We know many clients arrive nervous and a little anxious about being photographed in lingerie, so we will talk you through it all and help put you at ease.

You are the model and star of the show. There is no need to be concerned or shy about your body, and at no time will you need to pose in any way you find uncomfortable. Our goal is for you to feel great throughout your session and be thrilled when you see the results. If you browse our boudoir photos on our website, you’ll understand what we mean. Each of the women is beautiful in their own right. Their photos are delicate, elegant, and represent fine art photography at its best!

Many of our clients opt for a full-service experience with our award-winning professional hair and make-up team. We can even help with ideas on where to shop for your lingerie or what to wear. Well in advance of your session, we will speak and explain the entire process and provide any guidance or advice you need.

Some of our clients opt to do their session in a beautiful hotel room, while others prefer to begin our studio. Either way, we are fine with however you want to celebrate your  beauty.

A Luna Anne fine art boudoir portrait and its experience is unlike any portrait you have ever done. Many of our clients hail from across Washington, including Snohomish, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Woodinville, Sammamish, and Union, WA areas. Contact us today to discuss the possibility of doing your fine art boudoir portrait. We want to let your inner beauty shine in a Luna Anne portrait!

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